Wednesday 21 December 2011

Anne Bronte's letters

"Charlotte is well, and mediates writing to you. Happily for all parties the east wind no longer prevails - during its continuance she complained of its influence as usual. I too suffered from it, in some degree, as i always do, more or less; but this time, it brought me no reinforcement of colds and coughs which is what I dread the most. Emily considers it a dry uninteresting wind, but it does not affect her nervous system."

Letter from Anne Bronte to Ellen Nussey, October 4th 1847

I was at the Bronte Parsonage Museum library again yesterday to look at the original letters that i've found have references to the weather in. To see one written by Anne Bronte was a treat - and as you can see from the images she crossed each of the two pages with her writing to make the most of the paper's small size. It creates a beautiful squared pattern, but it's incredibly difficult to read too.


  1. To see the original letter must be great.

  2. I have just discovered your fascinating project thanks to Bront√ęBlog. How wonderful!

  3. Thanks to you both for reading the blog and taking time to comment - i really appreciate it!
    Rebecca (not anonymous - i can't seem to comment under my own google blog address...)