Wednesday 29 February 2012

Charlotte's Wind

I've been going through Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte to work out how many times and what type of weather conditions are mentioned throughout the book.

So, out of interest Charlotte mentions the wind the most - a total of 62 times. Closely followed by rain at 52 times and temperature at 46 times. There is also descriptions of the sky (28 times); the sun (25 times); clouds (24 times); snow (23 times); frost and ice (21 times); the moon and stars (cloudless nights - 19 times); storms and gales (12 times); thunder and lightening (6 times); mist (6 times); dew (5 times); and fog (3 times).*

I'm now going to see what kind of references Emily Bronte mentions in Wuthering Heights and Anne Bronte mentions in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

*It doesn't necessarily mean there are 6 thunder storms in the book - but that the thunder of one storm is mentioned a few times.

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  1. Weather almost seems to be another 'character' in Charlotte's book!