Wednesday 21 March 2012

Colours of the Weather

I've worked out which types of weather each of the Bronte sisters mention in one of their novels: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte.

With this information i want to paint some colour wheels with all the data. Because i have found that there are 18 types of weather mentioned i'm now deciding which 18 colours to use and how i want the final work to look. It's been a bit tricky working it out - some weather types are mentioned lots: wind or rain for example, but there are other types that are only mentioned once or twice: drizzle, mist or fog. And if i'm doing it in a circle i have to work out the percentage of times each weather type is used and calculate the size of the corresponding stripe.

I'm enjoying practising painting and i went out this morning to buy new brushes and paper ready to work on the final pieces.

1 comment:

  1. What a splendid idea! I hope you post the finished product. It would be interesting to try this with other authors where their surroundings figure prominently in their writings. Hardy comes to mind...