Sunday 25 November 2012

The Weather Archive is finished

When i was last at the Bronte Parsonage Museum i collected all the completed cards that the weather collectors have filled in.

They have been writing weather records every day for more than a year from October 18th 2011 until November 5th 2012. Everyone who volunteered lives in the local area around Haworth.
I always presumed we might get a couple of days in the year when nobody collected any information at all maybe when on holiday, perhaps from illness, or being busy might mean that nobody managed to write anything down on some random dates. However, I have records for every single day during that time. I originally started with 10 collectors, but towards the end of the year it was down to four dedicated individuals who were still collecting notes every day. Amazing.

So, i spent the last couple of days cutting out the divide cards, stamping them and then sorting all the hand written cards into date order.

I'm thrilled that it's finished and the entire archive will be going on show in an exhibition in Leeds next month (i'll put details on the blog soon).


  1. I shall miss your blog Rebecca; I've enjoyed reading about the weather; in this year of extraordinary weather, it's been a particular interest. I hope to get to hear about your future projects; and future exhibitions of the work. Thank you for your work; your vision; and your artistic connections. Best wishes Jan

    1. Dear Jan

      Thanks so much for follwoing the blog - and making comments. I really appreciate your interest in the project. Thanks!!

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