Tuesday 18 June 2013

Radio York

I was interviewed for the Paul Hudson Weather Show for Radio York the other day - i had to go to the BBC radio studios in Blackburn and did the interview over the phone. There are a few days left to listen to the programme online:


Me and Ann Dinsdale, the Collections Manager of the Bronte Parsonage Museum, are on 40 minutes into the show. I talk about the Bronte Weather Project and the artwork I made during my residency.
It's been a bit difficult listening to my own voice - in my head i sound like the queen.


  1. goodness Rebecca! This cover is the same as the copy of Jane Eyre I had/read as a child! I think the publishers did a series of classic books aimed at children, and I used to get one at xmas and for birthdays! Put me off Dickens for life! Isn't it strange how images/covers remain with us, stored in our memories?

    1. Hi Jan
      I picked this cover at random from my collection of Bronte books I've collected for the duration of the project - I bought this one from a charity shop in Preston. I'm glad it's brought back memories!