Thursday 5 January 2012

Above and Beyond

I received an email from one of my weather collectors the other day.

The weather station sited at the Bronte Parsonage Museum collects data every half hour, but I also wanted to collect personal responses to the weather around Haworth too -  pure data won't tell me how the weather is making people feel or how it is affecting daily routines etc. This is where my weather collectors come into the project. 10 local volunteers kindly put themselves forward to collect information every day for a year (as much as possible).

The email from Richard made me really happy - he's not only collecting the data and filling in the postcards designed for the project, but he's put together an Excel spreadsheet with all the data plus temperature and rainfall graphs too. This will all really help the little archive of information i'm gathering - it'll give a glimpse of what a few people thought of the weather in a certain location at a certain time in history. Might this information be interesting to someone in the future? 

I hope so.

The images above are of the work that Richard has done and emailed over to me - thanks!

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