Monday 30 January 2012

Weather Instruments

For a few days last week i went to London to look around various galleries and museums and i had time to go to the Science Museum to look for old weather instruments that might have been used during the time that the Bronte family were alive (1800's). Please also refer to my blog entry about Abraham Shackleton's weather records (23rd Nov: 'Weather Diaries').
There were only a few objects on show - and in the dull museum lighting it wasn't easy to get good shots - but the above shows:

A diagonal barometer by Joseph Finney c.1770
A travelling barometer by Nairne and Blunt, late eighteenth century.
A plate showing 15 temperature scales , from JT Desaguliers, 1745
A rain-gauge, early nineteenth century
Saussure's eight-hair hydrometer by Richer, 1789
A greenhouse thermometer by Dudley Adams, c.1798
Six's maximum and minimum thermometer, using indices, c.1780

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