Tuesday 3 July 2012

Anne Bronte's Grave

"You say May is a trying month, and so say others. The earlier part is often cold enough i acknowledge, but, according to my experience, we are almost certain of some fine warm days in the latter half when the laburnams and lilacs are in bloom; whereas June is often cold and July generally wet. But i have a more serious reason than this for my impatience of delay: the doctors say that a change of air or removal to a better climate would hardly ever fail of success in consumptive cases if 'the remedy were' taken in time, but the reason why there are so many disappointments is, that it is generally deferred till it is too late."

Written by Anne Bronte in a letter to Ellen Nussey on April 5th 1849.

Anne had consumption and was hoping to go to stay at the seaside for her health. However, Charlotte was reluctant for her to go on such a trip - this letter from Anne to Ellen shows how determined Anne was to go. You have to remember that Emily had died in December 1848 and Branwell in September 1848 - Charlotte must not have known what to do to help her sister.

Charlotte, Anne and Ellen went to Scarborough on May 24th where they spent a few days. Anne passed away on May 28th 1849. She is buried at the church of St Mary in Scarborough on the hill overlooking the bay.

I went to visit her grave on Friday last week - a wind swept sight looking over the roof tops to the sea (most of the grave yard has been made into a car park - handy for tourists - how lovely). It must have been so painful for Charlotte to leave her sister there, away from the resting place of the other members of the family buried in Haworth. It is a beautiful plot though - and someone had left a posy of pretty flowers on the grave.

(Anne wasn't wrong about the weather was she - May is trying; June is cold and July generally wet... sounds familiar?)


  1. How absolutely surreal to see the tombstone of which I read in Charlotte's letters... Thanks so much for the photo! Some day I hope to come visit this place too, when I'm in the UK again!

    Irena (Malta/Latvia)

  2. Such a wisftul location, and so sad she couldn't rest near her family. And yet on windy or rainy days, Charlotte and Emily will be there, won't they?