Tuesday 24 July 2012

In Conversation with Alexandra Harris

There's an event this thursday night (26th July) at the Bronte Parsonage Museum - i'm going to be in conversation with writer and critic Alexandra Harris and we'll be talking about the weather and the Brontes and the cultural significance of weather.
Alexandra wrote Romantic Moderns: English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper and she is currently writing a book about the cultural history of weather.
I'm excited to meet her and for us to discuss the Brontes' use of weather and putting their work into context.

I'm pretty sure the event is sold out - but you can visit the what's on bit of the Bronte Parsonage Museum website to check:


The image above is from a walk up Parlick on saturday when the sun finally managed to come out...

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  1. Writers and their imaginations, and the environments that inspired and informed their work, is such a fascinating topic! I'm sure the conversation was wonderful.