Tuesday 17 April 2012

Bronte Prints and a Cloud Shaped Like Me Dad

I've been going to the print rooms at UCLAN to use the facilities there to develop and produce a series of weather related prints about each of the Bronte sisters - plus i might extend the series to include Maria Bronte, Elizabeth Bronte and Branwell Bronte too. I've been using the weather records documented during the lives of the Brontes - i've isolated the individual numbers from the records and i'm over layering them to create dense, unreadable masses of black.

On another note - i was out walking the other evening with a friend and we spotted this cloud formation that has an uncanny resemblance to my dad - admittedly the mouth is a little slim, but the rest is pretty bob on.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I am so interested in your project. There is so much to know and find out about the Bronte family.
    Its amazing what we see in cloud formation. I dont know your dad!
    but i am sure he is an ok guy.!
    happy weather patterns.
    best wishes
    ps. its cloudy and dismal here in Alentejo.. looks like possible rain.

  2. That photograph of the cloud is beautiful, Rebecca! Will your prints be available in the Parsonage shop? I hope you post the results here, it would be fascinating to see them. Thanks for sharing this project!