Thursday 12 April 2012

Half Way Through

My trip to the Bronte Parsonage Museum yesterday marked the half way mark of the Weather Project. I've now got exactly 6 months of data from the weather station sited in the garden there.

There was also a meeting of some of my weather collectors who have now been gathering daily weather observations since October - it was good to see everyone and catch up -  we had a brief chat about what's been happening with the project since we all met. I'm going to spend the morning going through their completed cards.

The weather yesterday was all over the place - i travelled to the Parsonage through heavy rain and then sunshine, then there was hail showers on and off during the day and huge billowing clouds looming over the hills. I arrived home in the evening soaked through. Spring is here then.

I think you'll agree that my hail stones on cobbles shot could just be one of my best photographs so far.


  1. Hello Rebecca,
    I came upon your blog through ..Haworth.. also a lovely blog
    Your blog intrigued me.
    I have goosepimples reading about "Bronte" country.
    I sit writing this and see Cathy running in the rain upon the moors and Heathcliffe sullen and very much in love..
    What a delightful experience this project must be.
    I will be following your excapades and weather patterns.
    Its bleak territory there!
    Hope to see you my side of the Atlantic
    best wishes

  2. What a fascinating project! I'm looking forward to seeing this as it moves through the year. With the impending drought facing us in Britain, it will reveal scientific, as well as cultural insights. Best wishes