Friday 25 May 2012

Catching Up

I'm really sorry there's been a gap in my blogging - a couple of weeks ago i moved house. It took a couple of days to pack everything up (i work from home), but the move wasn't too bad - we moved two streets down, but unpacking and getting everything straight has taken a while. I was also trying to work at the same time on three different projects and pretend i wasn't phased by the upheaval. Anyway, with various inevitable internet connection problems i am only just able to do a blog entry.

Bronte weather project wise i've just started to work again on the 9m long 6 month graph. I've looked through the old Shackleton weather records from the time of the Bronte's and converted his Fahrenheit readings to centigrade and am drawing the data onto the graph. If i crack on with it i should finish it later today.

I started to read Shirley by Charlotte Bronte - although i admit i am only a few pages in.

Did i mention i went to Haworth for two days just before moving house? I spent a lot of time roaming the moors to try and get inspired for the final push before the exhibition in June. I stayed in a terrible b&b on the street leading up to the museum - although if you're a heavy smoker and keen on dog hairs on everything you might think it heaven.

The images above show the Bronte inspired garden at the Chelsea Flower Show - i was there for the day with a friend on tuesday - a welcome break on a sunny day, away from trying to find essential objects lost in boxes in the house somewhere...


  1. I read "Shirley" many many years ago. I suppose i should get all the old books out again. My eldest son has most of them.
    Its a bleak area you live in.! House moving is not the best of things one has to undertake.
    You seem to be coming on well. I have been to Howorth.. I have a friend in South |Africa , that was born there.
    happy days Rebecca.

  2. I haven't yet read "Shirley" but it's on my list of books I hope to read this winter. I apologize for not being here before now but I don't have the internet during the summer months. I look forward to reading more about the progress of your fascinating project!