Thursday 10 May 2012

Patrick Branwell Bronte

During my research into the weather and connections to the Bronte writings i've concentrated on Charlotte, Emily and Anne - for obvious reasons. But i have also looked at the work of their brother Branwell too.
Born in 1817, Branwell was the only boy of the six children and was very close to his sisters, collaborating with them in their childhood writings. He decided to set himself up as a portrait painter for a while and had a studio in Bradford. 
It's turns out that he was a pretty rubbish painter - and failed at earning a living, so turned his hand to becoming a tutor. You can find out more on Branwell on the Parsonage website:

In the Bronte Parsonage Museum are some of Branwells spectacularly bad paintings - one with some angel type figures in a heavenly scene. I was given permission to take image for the blog to show you some of his clouds - which aren't too bad i suppose. So, Branwell can be included in this after all.

By the way - i've been meaning to say thanks to all the comments that are posted on this blog - i really appreciate that you're reading it and having the time to comment - thanks!


  1. Poor Branwell, he had a hard time of it.
    I can imagine no matter how "bad" his paintings are, they must have no value today..collectors would die for them i am sure.
    So glad that your project is coming along.
    Many grim skies on Branwell's paintings.
    best of a good Thursday

  2. They certainly are gloomy paintings, Rebecca! It's so interesting to see them. I wonder if his painting was an attempt to compete in some way with his sisters' creative output. Not being successful must have been a blow. But as you say, the clouds make it possible to include him in your research, so his paintings are bringing him some fame after all!