Tuesday 1 May 2012

Six Months of Bronte Weather

It's been a few days since i did a blog post - but i have been working lots on the work ready for the exhibition in June at the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

I've started a 9m long drawing showing six months of data that the weather station has collected at the Museum. As i haven't got a desk that long in my spacious workroom, i've had to keep rolling the paper back and forth. I've finished 6 months of temperature and air pressure and i'm a couple of month's through the rainfall.

Also last week i finished the prints showing weather records from the months leading up to Charlotte Bronte's death and prepared a screen for Emily and Anne too and will try and finish those this week.

And, I also received through the post the lovely old wooden file boxes i ordered from Germany that will house the weather collectors record cards. They came wrapped in newspaper and there was a lovely weather report on one.

A good week generally.


  1. Great work Rebecca.
    You have put so much into all this historic data.
    Let me know what date the exhabition is!

    Here its overcast skies, windy and rain. could be the moors.!
    best wishes val

  2. I wish I were near enough to see your exhibit, after all the work you've put into it. It's been so wonderful to follow along as you collect the data. I'm sure it will be fascinating and a great asset to the Parsonage's historical collection.